What is the Microcurrent?

Microcurrent is a restorative and revitalizing treatment that is extremely nourishing and healing to our bodies. It is a non-invasive and painless technology providing sub-sensational stimulation through a “micro (small)-current”. Our brain waves and heart beats are microcurrents, so these waves work with the natural currents already happening in our bodies. Microcurrent provides our cells with more energy, which increases their ability to function. This enhances the body’s ability to naturally heal.

In conjunction with nutrition and supplementation, microcurrent facilitates a profound rebalancing of energy patterns that help with weight loss, stress management, and with naturally increasing your energy. Services are for both mind-body as well as digestive repair. Depending upon what your goals are, we offer three main microcurrent services to help improve your health and overall vitality.

Microcurrent Treatments

We offer three microcurrent treatments here at NWHS: The Weight Loss Program, The Recharge & Rebalance Program as well as Digestive Repair. For more information about each one of these cutting edge services please read below.

Microcurrent Weight Loss Program

The Ideal Weight Program is a 12 session multifaceted treatment program (10 weeks) designed to help heal your metabolism and enable your body to lose weight safely and naturally and more importantly keep it off. We use specialized meal plans and food recommendations guided by your Nutritionist as well as 12 Ideal Weight microcurrent treatments. This microcurrent program is specifically targeted to detox the digestive tract, and then restore and revitalize the cells in this area of the body. This improves both digestion and absorption, which will help to heal the metabolism. This program also decongests adipose (fat cells) which, when combined with proper nutrition, will increase weight loss over time.

Most people have difficulties with their weight because of an excess amount of “silent inflammation” in the gut and adipose (fat) tissue. This type of inflammation we do not necessarily feel (that is why it is called “silent”) but it can directly affect the digestion and absorption process, which in turn slows down our metabolic rate. Some of the major symptoms of a damaged metabolism and an excess amount of inflammation in the body are: bloating, fatigue, difficulty losing and keeping weight off, constipation/poor digestion and or food cravings.

This program elevates the body to its optimal functioning through: restoring balance to the nervous system, detoxifying the lymphatic system–a highly important system yet often overlooked–drastically reducing any silent inflammation throughout the body, and restoring the integrity to the digestive system. The microcurrent Ideal Weight Program is extremely healing and nourishing to the gut and other body systems. During the 12 sessions, we are able to help you better reach your ideal weight, improve digestion, reduce stress, and relieve discomfort caused by inflammation.

You will meet 1 to 2 times a week with a Nutritional Therapist & Microcurrent Technician for for a 1 hour consultation and microcurrent treatment. The first 15 minutes your nutritionist will be educating you on the foods and meal plans to eat to help heal your gut and thus help heal your metabolism and then you will receive the Ideal Weight microcurrent treatment for 45-50 minutes. Each week you are required to fill out food journals and bring them with you to your appointments as well as work on 2-3 nutritional goals a week that are specifically designed to help you achieve your weight loss results.

Recharge & Rebalance Program

(To Help Manage Acute & Chronic Stress)

Stress on our body is the equivalent to being in a parked car, in neutral, with the foot on the accelerator, going nowhere and burning out your engine!

We all have times of emotional stress, but then we are suppose to come down from it, or snap out of the funk. Commonly, especially with emotional trauma, we get “stuck” in an imbalanced state or the foot being stuck on the accelerator and we can get or stay “burnt out.” At first it may not be noticeable, but over time it can start to affect our bodies, not just mentally or emotionally but physically as well. Signs of physical stress are: poor digestion, bloating, fatigue, short fuse, anger, trouble with sleep, inflammation, mental fog, anxiety or increased worry and fear.

With our Stress Relief Program, we focus on restoring and rebuilding cells within the body, thus bringing down the infamous stress hormones: adrenaline and cortisol bringing the body and mind back into a naturally balanced state. You will leave your sessions feeling lighter, more clear, with improved energy and many report a significant improvement in their sleep patterns as well as mood. All microcurrent sessions build upon each other and we recommend a minimum of 6 sessions for the Stress Relief Program to achieve a noticeable amount of stress reduction and improved stress response.

It is best to come once a week or better, twice a week for the first two weeks to really help your body relax and rebuild. You will meet with your Nutritional Therapist for 10-15 minutes who will help provide food suggestions to further help recharge and rebalance your body and then receive a 45-50 minute Recharge & Rebalance microcurrent treatment.

Digestive Repair

Our digestive repair is designed to heal and repair the digestive tract by targeting major digestive processes, and reduce inflammation so your gut can heal at a faster rate. Great for bloating, IBS, Crohn’s, Colitis or any type of gastrointestinal discomfort. On average, clients notice a difference with just 2-3 treatments.

*Ngok Cheng, M.D. “The Effects of Electric Current on ATP Generation, Protein Synthesis and Membrane Transport.”

Microcurrent is NOT recommended for:

  • epileptic/seizure clients
  • individuals going through cancer therapy
  • pregnant women
  • those with active bleeding areas
  • individuals with a cardiac device (pacemaker/defibrillator)

Microcurrent Commonly Asked Questions & Answers:

  • What is microcurrent?

    A microcurrent is an electrical charge measured in millionths of an amp. Microcurrent is the innate electrical charge in our body. Our brainwave and heartbeat are examples of our internal microcurrent. By comparison, a TENS unit and the EMG muscle test utilize milliamp current which is 1,000 greater than microcurrent. Microcurrent is a physical therapy modality that has been used for the past 20 years. It originally dates back to the early 1900’s and the work of Dr. Albert Abrams.

  • Is microcurrent painful?

    No. Microcurrent is “sub-sensational”. The current is so gentle it does not stimulate the sensory nerves and register as a pain signal. This is why we don’t feel the microcurrent charges of our brainwaves and electrical charge in our hearts or nerves.

  • How does microcurrent work?

    The body uses the microcurrent energy to increase its own energy production. Studies show that microcurrent increases the production of cellular ATP, chemical energy, by up to 500%. Microcurrent also increases protein synthesis and waste product removal. Some consider microcurrent as a sort of “electronic homeopathy.”

  • What's with the pads?

    The pads are used to deliver the microcurrent into the body. The pads, typically 2” x 2” square, deliver a greater amount of microcurrent into a larger area or the whole body.

  • What are frequencies & how do they work?

    Frequencies are a measurement of an electrical charge. The microcurrent we use at our office, delivers frequencies within a range of .01to 999 Hz. Frequencies are movement, a vibration. Think of a piano key hammer striking the piano wire. The result is a frequency that produces an audible sound, and distinct pitch and tone. Frequencies work on the principle of ‘biologic resonance’. A singer can shatter a glass when the note resonates with the crystal structure of the glass. Microcurrent frequencies seem to be able to resonate with biologic tissue and change the structure of the tissue when the frequency is correct. Once the tissue is corrected and stable it seems to be able to stay in the new configuration.

  • Why are frequencies changed during a treatment?

    Specific frequencies target specific tissues and ‘conditions’ in the tissues. The various frequencies of body tissues have been mapped enabling treatment to be “frequency specific”. So, for example, in the Ideal Weight Program, we use frequencies to stimulate movement (50 Hz) of the lymph (13Hz). In facial rejuvenation we might employ 49Hz. to tonify the skin (355 Hz). Each frequency utilized, targets a specific tissue with a specific intent.

  • What is the 'Intensity' setting on the microcurrent?

    Intensity refers to the amount of pressure pushing the microcurrent into the body. Think of water in a garden hose that can be turned up high or down to a trickle. The intensity range of our microcurrent we use in the office is 25 uA to 600 uA. The adage that ‘more is better’ is not a given with microcurrent. Often facial rejuvenation is done at 25-100 uA to wake up the skin and muscles, while the Ideal Weight Program may require intensity to be set at 250-500 uA in order to penetrate adipose tissue. The Rebalance & Recharge protocol is used to spread microcurrent throughout the body for stress reduction with intensities at 50-100 uA. Because microcurrent frequencies are sub-sensational, if a client feels a tingling or sharp sensation, it is the intensity that they perceive. In that case, the intensity just needs to be turned down to a sub-sensational level.

  • What are the benefits of treatment with microcurrent?

    Microcurrent speaks intimately with the Qi, the “innate cellular energy of the body.” Because microcurrent is being delivered into the body, microcurrent treatment is very stimulating and nourishing to the body. It is a supportive treatment to the body. Microcurrent is painless. Microcurrent promotes healing. Microcurrent improves circulation. Microcurrent reduces inflammation. Microcurrent is absorbed directly and efficiently into the body.

  • Are there side effects to a microcurrent treatment?

    Because microcurrent increases cellular metabolism quickly, although it is rare, some clients may experience a detox-like reaction experienced as fatigue or flu-like symptoms. Generally these effects are short in duration. They may appear within 90 minutes and last up to 24 hours. No lasting adverse reactions have been reported. Microcurrent has a history of being very safe. Using an adjunct detoxification is always a good idea, such as the Whole Health Bundle herbal tinctures used in the Ideal Weight Program. These tinctures are also applicable for facial rejuvenation clients or any other client receiving microcurrent therapy, to help further their detox and increase overall vitality.

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