• Before coming to NWHS I experienced food cravings, fatigue, inflammation, headaches and more. These symptoms made it difficult to get out of bed and perform daily functions. I now feel more functional. I rarely experience bloating and my bowel movements are more regular. I no longer have cravings for sweets, I have no trouble with sleeping and feel well rested on most days. My mood has stabilized and I am generally in a better mood. My inflammation is under control and I have less severe joint pains. My headaches have also diminished.

    – Anonymous

  • Prior to coming to NWHS I experienced stomach ache, heart burn, nausea, reduced energy, trouble falling and staying asleep, migraines and more. My life became centered around what I was eating, how I was feeling, and fears of a flare up. I became extremely anxiety ridden and so focused on eating the blandest foods possible, I missed out on life.

    Now my entire life and outlook on life has changed. I started to focus on the fun things and experiences in life and not just food. I have become a completely different and much happier person.

    – Anonymous

  • Weight Loss & Acid Reflux

    How did you feel before coming to NWHS?
    I always thought I was doing the right things for my health. I love to run and ran a half marathon with my daughter in June. We did all of the training for 3 months prior to the race, so we were ready. My weight got down to 185 lbs, but my ideal weight is more like 165 lbs. It seemed that no matter what I did I couldn’t get below 185 lbs. Shortly after the race, I began having groin, hip and knee problems which may have been due to overuse. I took some time off from running and went for x-rays. The doctors found there was no apparent medical problem. I was frustrated that I wasn’t able to heal which led me to become less concerned about what I was eating (like eating Dunkin Donuts Coffee Rolls). I put on nearly 20 lbs. The arthritis I had in my fingers was also more painful during this time. In addition, in the last year I noticed that a lot of the foods I was eating were giving me acid reflux. I ended up taking Tums daily for the discomfort. I was taking no other prescription medications, but I do take a couple of vitamins, so I thought I was healthy. I needed to do something new and thankfully Bob Garvin from Body Talk Radio suggested I try NWHS.

    How do you feel now?
    From the very first meeting with Ashley she created a customized meal plan which made all the sense in the world to me! I enthusiastically adapted the program and executed nearly flawlessly. It wasn’t that hard to adapt. I stopped drinking coffee and that kept me away from the unhealthy Coffee Rolls. After only 4 weeks have lost 10lbs! I feel strong and confident again and am back to running 3 miles without any pain! I wake up in the morning with high energy ready to get going. The arthritis pain in my fingers is gone. Also, I have not needed any Tums since two days into the program! I am always satiated and have no cravings for sweets (especially Dunkin Coffee Rolls) and I’m amazed. I have learned so much about the foods that I was eating and now I’m making much better choices for my lifestyle. I don’t feel restricted in any way and feel that this program will help get me to my health goals!

    – R.M.

  • Hypothyroidism, Hashimotos & Weight Loss

    How did you feel before coming to NWHS?
    I have been riddled with a long list of symptoms for approximately 12 years. These symptoms have always been there, but in the past twelve years have been getting progressively worse. I had headaches every day, migraines that lasted on average 3 days long occurring once a week or so, chronic joint pain in my wrists, knees, elbows, and ankles, had foggy brain where I couldn’t retrieve words, poor short and long term memory, felt sluggish, weak, and was tired all the time, yet had difficulty sleeping. I had odd symptoms that were not easy to track such as seeing spots, feeling dizzy, nausea, pain in my eyes, tingling in my fingers and arms, muscle cramps in my feet and legs, and the symptoms go on and on. I have also had continued issues with weight gain. I weighed 120 when I was in college and year after I graduated in 2007, I started to put the weight on. I got as heavy as 172 before my pregnancy. After my pregnancy, I weighed as heavy as 180. After my son was born in 2014, I started to take a closer look at my health as it took a turn for the worse. I was diagnosed with Hypothyroidism, Hashimotos Disease, Vitaligo, and was showing signs of Fibromyalgia, Lupas, and Pre-Diabetes. In December of 2015, I discovered I had a leaky gut, so I started to watch what I ate more closely and started to check in with my health providers; my endocrinologist, dermatologist, chiropractor, and PCP. Still no improvements.

    How do you feel now?
    In May of this year, I went to NWHS and I had all the above symptoms, but weighed 172lbs. I started to work with these amazing women, and from May to October, just five months, I saw HUGE improvements. I lost 40 pounds and now weigh 132!!! I have not weighed this since 2007! I also had more energy, decreased foggy brain, reduced inflammation in my joints causing me to finally be able to wake up without being stuck upstairs for at least a half hour because I couldn’t take the challenge of the stairs. My thyroid medication has been slowly decreasing in amounts and I am no longer on a high dose, and I have gotten rid of all those odd symptoms that I thought were small, and have decreased all of my other chronic symptoms. I went from having daily headaches and once a week migraines to have once a month headaches and I have only had two migraines since May! The level of improvement I have seen since working with NWHS is just miraculous! It has only been five months and I plan to continue to have their support and guidance for the rest of my life! I cannot wait for my future!

    – Germainia Bruce

  • IBS, Acid Reflux & Weight Loss

    How did you feel before coming to NWHS?
    Before coming to NWHS I felt tired, bloated, lethargic and suffered from bouts of IBS, acid reflux and other digestive issues. My blood pressure was high along with my cholesterol levels. I also suffer from have hypothyroidism. A friend recommended that I make an appointment with Courtney for some nutritional counseling. I was skeptical at first because if there was a diet out there I had tried it and failed. I had also been working out for over 2 years seeing little to no results. My sleep was ok but I would frequently wake up during the night. I woke up every day with little to no appetite and most days I felt nauseous. I felt very discouraged that nothing was working and always felt deprived from the current diet I was trying to follow.

    How do you feel now?
    I met with Courtney and immediately felt relieved and excited to begin my journey at NWHS. nIt just all started to click and make sense, when she explained to me that the kinds of food I was eating and years of deprivation I was putting my body through had taken its toll and my body was suffering from years of inflammation. I had no idea what I was eating was making me sick. She created a customized meal plan for me and my acid reflux has greatly improved and now I only take my reflux medication every other day. I no longer suffer from bouts of IBS and bloating!! I continue to work out 3-4x a week but Courtney explained to me how to better utilize my time at the gym to get the most out of each session without putting extra stress on my under-active thyroid.

    About a month ago, I began The Microcurrent Ideal Weight Loss Program for 10 weeks at NWHS. I am half way through the program now and feel GREAT! I love my sessions with Ashley and the Microcurrent is my favorite part of my week, it’s so relaxing I often fall asleep! My clothes fit me better, my skin is clearer, my sleep has improved and best of all my digestion issues are gone. NWHS has been a wonderful experience and I look forward to continue this journey!

    – Paula R.

  • Joint Pain & High Blood Pressure

    How did you feel before coming to NWHS?
    I felt sluggish, had low energy and major joint pain in extremities. I had problems walking from the joint pain and after sitting for a long period of time. I found myself shuffling my feet and legs after waking from bed in the morning. I would shuffle walk until pain went away. My blood pressure was 144/92, my sugar and cholesterol were too high and I was on the verge of going on medication and my heart rate was 72 BPM.

    How do you feel now?
    Now, I have high energy and ALL JOINT PAIN IS GONE! My blood pressure is 120/72, my heart rate is 52 BPM and I have normal levels of cholesterol and sugar! My doctor says I do not need to go on medication. I am now able to run 3-5 miles every morning. I have lost 30 lbs in the last 6 months!

    – David Yencho

  • Nutrition, Anxiety, Skin Rash & Digestion

    Before coming to NWHS I was bloated, anxious and depressed about eating wrong, being squished into my jeans. Feeling guilty I cannot get eating to be totally healthy. I felt disgusted with never reaching a comfortable weight and dress size. Now I feel much better! I know what to eat now! I know what not to eat now! My body instinctively knows what it needs to feel good. My face is not bloated, my entire digestive system is functioning how it was meant to work. My lower leg skin rash is now gone!! I do not have to scratch until I see blood, what a relief! I still need to continue working for more growth of total nutrition, but I know this works!! I cannot wait for my next physical to check my blood levels and see how healthy I am on paper. Thank you Courtney! My life long mentor!

    – Anonymous

  • IBS & Women’s Health

    How did you feel before coming to NWHS?
    I initially came to NWHS for help managing hot flashes without using the typical prescription drugs. I also struggled with IBS and stomach bloating. I wasn’t sleeping well at night and felt foggy during the day. I felt tired and was getting more and more frustrated with the hot flashes which were also accompanied by nausea. During warm weather, there were times when I couldn’t even go outside.

    How do you feel now?
    I see Courtney for both nutritional counseling and NRT and I can honestly say I feel so much better on all levels! My hot flashes are more under control, more so than they have been in years and I feel I have much more control over my IBS. Now I focus much more on eating whole foods and other techniques she has taught me and I feel much better. I enjoy having a better understanding of food and nutrition in general. I have lost weight, have more energy and was able to get off Citrucel which I had been taking for years!nn

    – Anonymous

  • GI Issues & Fatigue

    How did you feel before coming to NWHS?
    Before coming to NWHS I was experiencing severe GI issues, I felt bloated all of the time no matter what I ate or did. I was fatigued to the point that any time I sat down I felt like I could fall asleep. I was experiencing pain on a daily basis in my chest and in between my shoulders that was impeding my ability to get around.

    How do you feel now?
    In just four weeks I feel SO much better! The bloating is about 75% better and my GI system is back on track. I have had only 1 spasm in my chest since starting the program, and my overall pain has improved so that I am able to do my daily activities. I am getting to bed earlier and sleeping well. My energy has gone up to the point where I don’t even feel the need to nap!

    – Charlotte F.

  • Joint Aches

    How did you feel before coming to NWHS?
    I felt tired with severe muscle and joint aches. I was gaining weight despite trying various diets and eating less. I was having digestion problems and experiencing bloating and gas on a daily basis. My energy was very low and I had no control over my intense sugar cravings. I was also feeling very stressed with no time for myself. I always felt rushed. I would feel guilty if I ate something as a treat once in a while, and often that treat would lead to bingeing on more.

    How do you feel now?
    After only four weeks of nutrition counseling, I feel so much better. I am sleeping better and have more consistent daily energy. I have almost no muscle and joint aches. I feel much less gassy unless I eat foods that cause it (I am learning which ones are the culprits). I feel much less stressed knowing what foods to eat, and I am feeling full and satisfied for the first time in a long time. I am also eating whole, real foods that I used to avoid because of dieting and now I can truly enjoy the food I am eating again! I am learning to take the time for planning and cooking real food. My cravings are all but gone, and I am able to enjoy a treat here and there and it does not trigger a binge any longer because I am in more control. I feel leaner and healthier!

    – Anonymous

  • Cravings & Women's Health

    How did you feel before coming to NWHS?
    Before coming to NWHS, I was gaining weight, always hungry, irritable between meals and craved sweets at night. I suffered from menopausal symptoms including, irritability, night sweats and migraines. I had trouble falling asleep and often woke up during the night. I also have IBS which was causing digestive issues including bloating, gas and diarrhea after meals.

    How do you feel now?
    After a month and a half of doing nutrition counseling, I feel so much better! I have more energy and I am not hungry all the time. I have fewer sweet cravings at night and my sleep quality is much better. I have had NO hot flashes and my IBS symptoms have decreased. I have had no gas or bloating! Also, my weight has been decreasing and I feel better in my clothes, which is a motivating factor to keep continuing to eat healthy.

    – Anonymous

  • Severe Headaches & Nausea

    How did you feel before coming to NWHS?
    Before coming to NWHS I was nauseous every day, suffered from severe headaches, and could not get off the couch after 4pm due to exhaustion. I had been suffering from severe headaches for over 3 years and had tried everything including; seeing four different neurologists, going to two pain clinics, four occipital nerve burns, having botox, acupuncture, nerve blocks and being on many medications. I was at my wits end. My life consisted of trying to go to work, do household chores and trying to take care of my family. I did not succeed very well at anything and most my days I ended up on the couch eating ice cream for dinner because I was so nauseous, while my family had to order take out again.

    How do you feel now?
    I cannot believe the transformation I have had since coming to NWHS! I started seeing Jessica for nutrition counseling and now do NRT consistently with Courtney. In doing this, I now have consistent energy, my nausea is GONE and my headaches have gone from an 8-9 on a 1-10 scale to a 3-4. I feel like I finally have my life back! I’ve also lost over 28lbs, but more importantly, I am able to function on a daily basis and take care of my family. I’m even able to go out a dinner date with my husband! I have been able to work again, which is tutoring students with dyslexia which I love, and go for long walks with my dog. I have learned how to fuel my mind and body through eating the right foods, and now know how to take care of my body for the rest of my life. I feel like a new me, thank you NWHS!

    – Terri Bradford

  • SIBO

    How did you feel before coming to NWHS?
    I felt terrible! I was recently diagnosed with SIBO. (Small intestinal bacterial overgrowth) which causes me to have stomach pains and digestive issues. I was experiencing severe cramping and aching every night and would wake up 3-4 times. I lost over 12 pounds since being diagnosed and my energy levels went way down.

    How do you feel now?
    After only two weeks of nutritional coaching with Jessica, I feel great! I have almost no symptoms at night and am able to sleep without interruption. In addition, I have gained 2 pounds and have enough energy to start working out again! I am enjoying some of the new foods I am eating, and have learned so much about how to maintain a healthy, balanced diet.

    – Anonymous

  • Weight Gain & Low Energy

    How did you feel before coming to NWHS?
    We decided to go to NWHS because my daughter was having trouble putting on weight. She was not even on the charts for her age and height in terms of weight, and we had been told by doctors she needed to gain. She also constantly felt tired and struggled with low energy.

    How do you feel now?
    She feels great! She has more energy and looks much healthier. She has gained about 8lbs in 2 months! Before NWHS, she was only able to gain 5 lbs in two years. She feels healthier and is eating a well balanced diet. She and I are both very happy with the results. NWHS has been a great experience for both of us.

    – Mother of 12 Year Old

  • Weight Loss, Hair & Skin Improvements

    Courtney at NWHS has been amazing! She is so honest and nonjudgmental even when I am judging myself. I have tried a million fad diets and nothing has worked before. I am not a diet – I can live and eat normally. I don’t deprive myself and that’s what has helped me to apply this long term. I am down to a weight that I haven’t been since before the “freshmen 15.” Besides changes in my weight, my skin on my face and arms has begun to clear and my hair is growing longer and healthier. Thank you thank you thank you! I look forward to my continued work with you and the changes to come.

    – Taylor Yencho

  • Chronic Joint Pain

    How did you feel before coming to NWHS?
    Before coming to NWHS I was having chronic joint pain on a daily basis and had swollen glands. I was experiencing chronic fatigue so much that I would have to nap at least once a day, sometimes more. I was getting bloating and stomach pains on a regular basis, as well as headaches. This was all causing me to feel very depressed.

    How do you feel now?
    I have been coming to NWHS for five weeks now doing nutrition counseling. In only a few weeks of working with with my nutritionist, I already feel like a new person. My joint pain has decreased about 70%. I have minimal headaches. My fatigue is getting better, and I no longer feel the need to nap! My swollen glands are now completely gone. It has been difficult learning a new lifestyle, but it is so worth it to have my life back!!

    – Lisa D.

  • Weight Loss & Fatigue

    How did you feel before coming to NWHS?
    Despite eating what I thought to be healthy and “clean” I wasn’t feeling my best. I wasn’t losing weight, I had low energy and had this feeling of heaviness. What I didn’t realize was that I was depriving myself of important nutrients and relying too much on the wrong foods to fulfill my diet.

    How do you feel now?
    Since starting Nutrition Coaching at NWHS with Jessica, and giving my body the nutrients and calories it needs including the proper healthy fats, I’m sleeping better, have more mental clarity and I feel lighter and more satisfaction after eating. I’m on a much better path and am beginning to experience the weight loss while still eating and not cutting calories!

    – Anonymous

  • Blood Pressure & Cholesterol Management

    How did you feel before coming to NWHS?
    Before coming to NWHS I had recently found out from my doctor that I was a type two diabetic. I was feeling like my health was out of my control. I had tried for years to eat right and count calories. I exercised regularly and still couldn’t lose weight.

    How do you feel now?
    Since coming to NWHS for nutritional counseling, I am able to balance my meals by adding healthy fats and carbohydrates to each meal. I feel lighter, happier and more in control. I have lost 2% of my body fat and 6lbs overall! My cholesterol dropped 20 points and my blood pressure dropped to 120/80. Meal planning has become a habit and I can have many foods that I enjoy. I feel like I am not dieting and I am in control of my own destiny as a healthy and energetic person.

    – Anonymous

  • Bloating & Fatigue

    How did you feel before coming to NWHS?
    Before coming to NWHS, I felt absolutely horrible! I was constantly bloated, tired and moody. My hair was falling out and my skin was dry and pale I had gained 15lbs. I started to forget what it felt like to feel normal. My clothes were uncomfortable due to the bloating and I never wanted to do anything because of how I felt and how exhausted I was. The worst part was I was missing important nutrients that my body needed.

    How do you feel now?
    Now I feel amazing! I am down 12 lbs and my energy is way better. My bloating is gone and I feel like a different person. It’s a great feeling waking up every day happy to get up and go about my normal routine, which I was unable to do before. I am back to loving the gym and doing all the things I once did!

    – K.C.

  • Weight loss & Healthy Nutrition

    Before having Nutritional Counseling, I thought I ate healthy. However, I did not know enough about nutrition to make informed decisions about my diet. Through Courtney’s information, I learned how to eat right and maintain a healthy lifestyle. With Nutrition Response Testing, Courtney has helped me solve issues that my doctors were not able to solve. I have not only lost weight and become more energized, but I also feel healthier on a day to day basis.

    – C.M.

  • Weight Loss

    How did you feel before coming to NWHS?
    Before coming to NWHS last fall, I had several concerns…the first of which was my weight. I had made great strides in losing weight and eating better over the previous two years, but over the summer I felt that I had gone off track and my weight started to creep up. I felt anxious and frustrated. I had improved my eating habits significantly in those 2 years, but couldn’t seem to stop the slow creep. I was worried that I’d go back to where I started . I needed to get a sense of control!nWith two young children and an active schedule of teaching fitness classes, my energy level was also not where it needed to be. I wanted to learn better ways to fuel my body to feel and perform better!nBeing healthy and active overall is very important to me. I have a chronic condition (seizure disorder) that is thankfully under control. I need to stay focused on my mental and physical health- it’s an important part of controlling my condition. I was anxious on so many levels to make some important changes!

    How do you feel now?
    I FEEL INCREDIBLE BECAUSE I FEEL IN CONTROL!! Over the last few months I have made significant improvements in eating better for my body. My energy level has improved. After making a few changes to the types of food and combinations of foods I was eating, I just felt better. More energetic, less tired, particularly in the afternoon. I also started to enjoy foods more as I tried different things and become much more educated on what my body needed. I have made strides in eating clean ( I now adore Brussels sprouts). Over the last few months I implemented other goals..such as more sleep, less coffee (work in progress!), and other small tweaks have made a big impact! I love working with Courtney because she always presents ideas, tools and goals in small doses… and in such a positive way. It wasn’t overwhelming to focus on a couple of key things each session. When I look back over the last few months I realize there are things I do EVERYDAY now that I learned from NWHS that have improved my health. The weight creep has stopped and I’m now back down to a healthy weight… very close to where I want to be. I feel in control again. I also love that I’m more in tune with what my body needs!! I feel stronger, leaner and more energetic… and I’m not done. Always looking to continue to make tweaks that improve my long-term health. Thank you NWHS you have been a great partner.

    – Jennifer Buckley

  • Digestive Issues

    How did you feel before coming to NWHS?
    Before coming to NWHS, I experienced bloating, constipation, cravings, and was constantly hungry. I was always thinking of my next meal and needed sugar.

    How do you feel now?
    My cravings have decreased and I feel overall more in control and balanced!

    – Anonymous

  • Celiac Disease & Thinning Hair

    For as far back as I can remember I have had excruciating stomachaches. For about two years they became so bad that every night I would end up curled up on a chair, a couch, a floor, or whatever I could find. When my doctor ran out of antacid she suggested I should try, I just stopped complaining about it. Then as the years went on I was getting loose stools regularly and my hair was thinning. At 18 or 19 years old this isn’t something you expect to happen! I was tested for Celiac by one of the best specialists in Boston and they found nothing. I became very discouraged, but I knew that something was not right with me. Then FINALLY I found Courtney!!Courtney has honestly changed my life. The food I am eating is now helping my body, instead of harming it. It’s amazing to look back and see how sick I used to feel; but I didn’t even realize I was sick because I didn’t know how it felt to be healthy! I now have more energy and feel great. There have been so many improvements in my life that I hadn’t even realized were problems before. For example, feeling bloated after I eat does not happen when I eat good food that my body can easily digest. Getting headaches every afternoon does not happen when I eat the right kinds of foods. Those were instant results I saw that I had not even been trying to fix. I have also lost weight without even trying, because it just happened when I started eating the right foods and my body began to heal. I have been with Courtney for 7 months and my body is completely different than it was when I started. I have learned that if you eat healthy, you will look healthy and you will feel healthy.I love the way Courtney explains things to me because she makes me feel confident that I can succeed in healing my body. She always explains why I am on certain supplements and what they are doing to help my body. She explains why my body is acting the way it does and how we are helping to improve it. I always feel positive and hopeful when I leave her office!”

    – Jenn

  • Stomach Issues, Fatigue & Skin

    I struggled for years with unexplained health issues (constant hunger, “sour” stomach, fatigue, skin eruptions). As a nutritionist myself, I thought I had all the answers in regards to my eating patterns. Courtney revamped my eating lifestyle. With NRT my energy is revitalized, my stomach issues are gone and my skin is finally clear. Courtney is a lifesaver! Courtney demonstrates passion and knowledge for her practice and clients. She answered questions and found solutions to health concerns that doctors either misdiagnosed or could not help me with. I highly recommend making an initial consultation with Courtney to start your healing process.”

    – Colleen Hyde

  • Arthritis & Weight Loss

    Before Courtney I had food cravings in the afternoon as well as a low energy level. I could not lose weight and generally felt ‘draggy’. Since following Courtney’s advice I have lowered my cholesterol. I have energy in the afternoons and have lost my late afternoon food cravings. My nails have become stronger and my skin has improved. Pains from my arthritis in my fingers has disappeared and I have lost weight. Thank you for your guidance and love in making my life better!”n

    – Allene H.

  • Sugar Cravings & Low Energy

    Before coming to NWHS I lacked energy. I had sugar cravings pretty consistently throughout the day and at night I would generally feel bloated and uncomfortable after overloading on carbohydrates. Since starting at NWHS I can honestly say I haven’t felt this good in a long time. I have lost about 9 pounds. I no longer have any bloated feelings and basically feel healthy! Working with Courtney has been such a pleasure. She is so knowledgeable and supportive! I look forward to my meetings with her.

    – DG

  • Stomach Pain & Fatigue

    Before coming to NWHS, I was constantly tired regardless of how much sleep I had the night before. Especially around 3-‐5 PM I would have an extreme “afternoon slump” which upped my caffeine intake to another large coffee to make it through the afternoon. I had headaches daily, hungry often with frequent cravings, frequent urination and mood swings/irritability. My biggest reason for coming to NWHS was my stomach “attacks” Severe stomach pains after eating accompanied with nausea and bathroom issues. I had been to several doctors for years, unable to find a solution thinking I would just have to deal with not feeling well often and mediocre at best.Today I feel like a different person! I have learned not only what is good for my body but what is needed for it to function correctly, and at its maximum. I have found that I have sensitivity to dairy and gluten-‐ both in which I have begun and will continue to eliminate from my diet. My stomach feels significantly better, with very minimal attacks (which only occur when I steer away from diet). I am sleeping through the night, feeling refreshed in the morning, have cut down caffeine from 2-3 coffee’s a day to 1 half decaf, sometimes none at all. More energy, and no afternoon slump! I no longer get headaches and mood swings have lessened significantly. I also gave Nutrition Response Testing a try and have begun restoring my body weakness through the use of whole body supplements and Courtney’s amazing knowledge and support. Thanks to the ladies of NWHS My life has changed greatly!

    – L. McLean

  • Blood Sugar

    Before going to Nutrition & Whole Health Solutions I would eat at night like it was my job. My grown son was very worried about the way I was eating and craving food at night. I was 50 lbs over weight when I first went to NWHS. My blood sugar was in the 400 range. My A1C was 8.5.

    I have been seeing Courtney for about 4 months now and I can’t describe how good I feel.My blood sugar is in the normal range, my A1C has dropped to a 5.8 (pre diabetic) and we have done this while reducing my meds by 2/3!!! I have also lost 25lbs and I feel great!! My circulation has improved so much that I have grown hair back on my arms and legs and there is no longer any pain in my feet. My wife is very happy that I have energy like I did 20 years ago. Courtney has helped me achieve this without “dieting”. “Whole Health Solutions” is the perfect name for what Courtney and her team do!!!!

    – Thomas Cerretani

  • Healthy Nutrition

    Courtney taught me how little changes can make a big difference. Knowledge is wealth and I feel so much richer after meeting with Courtney. It truly is about lifestyle changes and not about ‘being on a diet.’ I’ve tried everything to lose weight including cutting calories, Weight Watchers and even diet pills. And, nothing worked. Learning to eat the right foods at the right time has really made a difference. But best of all, I don’t feel deprived. I eat when I’m hungry; I just learned the right foods to eat. I recently turned 49 and I don’t think I’ve been this happy or healthy since my 20s. I cannot say enough about what Courtney has taught me.”

    – Linda Hubbard

  • Healthy Nutrition

    My experience with food before I made the decision to talk with Courtney was like a roller coaster ride. I would gain weight and then struggle to take it off, and this has been going on for years. My experience with food after talking to Courtney has completely changed. I know what to eat, when to eat and why I am eating these foods. I have a balanced nutritional meal plan that works for me. I am on track and on my way to a healthy lifestyle.”

    – Greg Matthews

  • MS, Weight Loss & Cholesterol

    When I started going to Courtney at Nutrition and Whole Health Solutions, I was 296 pounds and had been on the Yo-yo diets all my life. I was wearing size 44 pants and 4XL t-shirts. I once went to an amusement park and could not ride the roller coaster because I could not get the bar down around my stomach. It was very embarrassing and eye opening.

    I have Multiple Sclerosis and was seeing both my Primary Care and Neurologist every six months because my health was so bad. I was taking Aleve every day due to chronic lower back pain and was regularly seeing a Chiropractor. My cholesterol and the rest of my blood work was out of control and my doctors were not happy.Eleven months later and I have lost 45 pounds, I am wearing size 36-38 pants and 2 XL t-shirts. I do not take Aleve anymore and have not seen my Chiropractor since seeing Courtney. Both my doctors have told me that they only want to see me once a year because my health has improved so much. My blood work is normal and my Primary Care cannot believe it. I went on a roller coaster this past fall and when I wanted to sit in the test seat to see if I would fit, the ride operator looked at me like I was crazy, laughed and said, “Sir, you’ll fit.” I did! I even completed the 25 mile MS Bike Ride after five months of seeing Courtney. This is not a diet. It is a lifestyle change. I never thought it would be so easy. I just substituted certain foods for other bad choices I used to make. I do not miss anything. I cheat once in awhile but get right back on track and don’t feel deprived. Courtney does not make you feel bad when you do not make certain goals.Thank you Courtney. I could not have done it without you!

    – Marc

  • Weight Loss

    I have been a client of NWH Solutions since April 2011. Courtney has provided me with the necessary tools needed to make good nutritional decisions that have greatly improved my quality of life. I have attained huge results as a result of the changes made in my diet and exercise routine. When I first visited NWH Solutions, I weighed 260 lbs. and had a size 40 waist. Fast forward six months. I weighed 189 lbs. and had a size 35 waist. I was very happy with these results; however, I had reached a plateau in my weight loss. Courtney then presented me with the opportunity to participate in the Microcurrent program. Courtney explained the program to me, and I was immediately excited. I signed up for the 12 session program that runs for approximately ten weeks. On my first visit, she walked me through the program and answered all my questions. They were extremely professional and made me feel comfortable at all times. Took measurements of specific areas of my body to document the changes which were about to happen over the next ten weeks. The Microcurrent procedure lasts approximately 1 hour, and it is painless. The procedure is relaxing to a point where you ultimately fall asleep. I noticed that after the procedure, I would have the best workouts. I felt full of energy, and my body would recover quicker from physical exhaustion. I found myself looking forward to my weekly 1 hour Microcurrent session. It was 1 hour dedicated to me, and I honestly miss going.

    After the 12 sessions were completed, I was amazed with the results. We took my measurements once again, and supplied me with a detailed outline of my progress. In 10 weeks, I lost 17 lbs., 3 inches in my waist, and 3.6% body fat! Visually, I noticed that my mid-section was much tighter, and my muscles were more defined.

    Over the past 9 months, I have lost 92 lbs. and have a size 32 waist!!! I attribute these results to the Nutritional Counseling and the Microcurrent Program that you can only get at NWH Solutions.”

    – Jon Busa

  • Cravings & Weightloss

    Before coming to NWHS I craved sweets, was about 3-5 lbs over weight, exhausted most of the time, and had pain in my belly frequently after meals. After Nutrition Counseling, I have no cravings, my belly feels great after I eat, I’m not hungry, and I’ve lost 3 lbs!”

    – Laurie Blake

  • Fatigue & Overall Health

    Before coming to NWHS I felt tired an overweight. After Nutritional counseling with Jessica, I feel better than I have all my life. Thanks to Jessica and NWHS, I noticed better digestion, sleep, moods and less food cravings. Weight loss has been slow but consistent. The happiest and greatest change is my sleeping habits. Always had a lot of energy, but that has also increased.

    – Richard Levesque

  • Low Energy & Weight Loss

    Before coming to NWHS I had little energy and a lot of food cravings. I had tried every diet on the market most more than once! Nothing seemed to work. I would weigh myself every day and my mood would be determined by the number on the scale. My relationship with food overall was not a positive one.

    I have been doing nutrition counseling at NWHS for five weeks now and since coming my energy has gone way up, and I am now in control of my food cravings. My mood is great and even better it has been stable. Food is no longer the primary focus in my life, and does not cause me stress, in fact I love what I am eating and it’s easy to maintain! I have finally found my answers through coming to NWHS and am so grateful. I have lost a total of 10 pounds and am continuing to lose weight consistently, and I know I am doing it the right way. Thank you so much NWHS!!

    – Karla Pressman

  • Stomach Issues

    How did you feel before coming to NWHS?
    “Before coming to NWHS I was experiencing severe bloating, pain, pressure and gas on a daily basis. I was down to only seven foods that I was able to eat and even those were starting to bother me. I had these feelings of pain and bloating for my entire life with no relief. I had been to multiple doctors, and had countless tests done and nothing had helped.”

    How do you feel now?
    “Since seeing Courtney for nutritional counseling and NRT, I feel incredible!!! EVERY symptom has improved, she has literally changed my life. Within two weeks of doing NRT and taking my supplements, every symptom had improved significantly! After only one month, I have NO more pain, NO pressure, NO bloating and very little to no gas, which I know over time will go away with Courtney’s help. Thank you NWHS!!”

    – Susan Eaton

  • Cravings & Anxiety

    How did you feel before coming to NWHS?
    Before coming to NWHS I felt like I was craving different foods at all times of the day, and I was constantly thinking about food and what to eat. I was exercising but couldn’t seem to find a healthy balance between that and what I should be eating to feel healthy.

    How do you feel now?
    Since coming to NWHS and doing nutrition counseling with Courtney my anxiety around food has improved a great amount. I now know what I need to be eating to maintain a healthy weight, have consistent energy and feel good in my body. I cannot thank her enough for helping me reach my goals!

    – Marisa Citrano

  • Healthy Eating

    A letter from one of our clients: “Just wanted to let you know that the meal plan you have recommended for me is working out nicely. I feel great, never hungry, and most of all it really taste good. I have on about 3 or 4 days gone completely off the diet and I have to let you know that when I do not eat in a balanced way I feel horrible. Almost hung over. It’s amazing to me that I felt this bad my entire life and didn’t even realize it. I am committed to this without the feeling of being committed. I guess what I am trying to say is this doesn’t feel like I am on a diet!”

    – Bob

  • Anxiety & Depression

    How did you feel before coming to NWHS?
    Before coming to NWHS I was suffering from feeling bloated after every meal on a daily basis. My mood and energy were inconsistent, and I was going through periods of depression and anxiety. I would often begin to shake when this happened. At night I was having cravings for carbohydrates and was not in control of what I was eating. This impacted my ability to fall and stay asleep.

    How do you feel now?
    Since seeing Jessica for nutrition counseling I have not experienced any bloating, unless I let foods slip into my diet that shouldn’t! My mood and energy have not only improved but are much more consistent. I have not had any shaking, and overall have had much less anxiety and depression, and am able to control it much better. I am not feeling the need to snack at night and when I do I am able to control how much I have and make healthy choices. Jessica has helped me to formulate goals and a nutrition plan that I find easy to follow, and have been very successful with!

    – Denny Wood

  • Low Energy & Food Cravings

    What symptoms or problems lead you to come to NWHS?
    I had food cravings (carbs) and low energy level- main reason was to help my daughter who had major digestion and anxiety issues, and I ended up becoming a NWHS client myself!

    How do you feel now/What specifically has improved?
    Don’t care about carbs which is amazing to me! In fact, I don’t even like to eat carbs anymore. Digestion improved tremendously and my hair and fingernails grow at a very rapid rate! Recently, I did the 10 day cleanse for only 4 days and was impressed and amazed at how much I better I feel.

    Which nutritionist have you been seeing and what service has helped you the most?nCourtney Little. Just love everything about her and all she offers. She takes the time to listen which is so rare these days!

    – Laura Bullock

  • PMDD & Chronic Fatigue

    How did you feel before coming to NWHS?
    Before coming to NWHS I was experiencing symptoms of severe PMDD. I had breast tenderness, chronic fatigue, and food cravings. I felt cranky and irritable a lot of the time and just felt like I was never fully “switched on.” In addition, I was experiencing digestive issues, severe bloating and acid reflux on a regular basis and was unhappy with my weight.

    How do you feel now?
    Since seeing Jessica for Nutrition Counseling for the last 6 weeks, I have seen improvement in all areas. I no longer experience intense breast tenderness before my period. I have not re-filled my Prilosec prescription for acid re flux, and have not even needed to use it since seeing her. My bowels are more consistent and healthy, and my bloating intensity has been cut in half. I have completely cut out caffeine and fake sugar from my diet. My mood has been more stable and consistent and I continue to work towards being more comfortable with my weight. I love seeing Jess because no matter how bad I am feeling when I come in, I am never in “trouble” for not meeting my goals. She ALWAYS high-lights the progress I have made when I seem to be only focusing on my downfalls for the week. She knows, “we are human”, and that my diet will not always be perfect, but she always manages to make me feel motivated and inspired to hop back on the horse. She makes me want to treat myself with kindness and make my days meaningful and happy. Her energy is so inspiring, thank you Jess!n

    – Amanda Greene

  • Weight loss & Cholesterol

    How did you feel before coming to NWHS?
    Before going to NWHS I was around 175lbs and frustrated with my lack of progress with my weight loss. I had at one point a few years ago been about 265lbs. I’ve lost a good deal of weight, but struggled to stay under 200lbs. I tried a weight loss program where I had shakes as meal replacements, and while I was losing weight, I was still very unhappy and constantly hungry. I was constantly craving sweets and carbs, which are by far my favorite types of food. On top of having weight issues, I also had high cholesterol and was about to be put on medication by my doctor since I couldn’t seem to lower it. The month prior to starting at NWHS, I had my cholesterol checked and it was at 249 and the doctor was concerned. I felt overall unhappy and hopeless.

    How Do You Feel Now?
    Since I started seeing Jess at NWHS, I have seen huge amounts of progress. I am at my lowest weight of about 160lbs. More importantly, I actually have days now where I just feel skinny, and it’s a great feeling – not to mention I fit in my clothes so much better now. Before when I had lost a significant amount of weight I still never really felt skinny. I still have my off days, but who doesn’t? With talking to Jess, she has also helped me curb my cravings and increase my willpower at making better food choices. Most importantly, she has given me the tools to help me with not feeling constantly hungry and feeling like I want to munch on snacks all day. I was always scared of eating foods with fat in them, but Jess has taught me how important macro nutrients are, and how important fat intake is. It is not just calories in and calories out that you need to worry about. There are many people at my work and in my personal life who have commented on my weight loss and ask me what I’ve been doing differently. It’s nice to know my hard work is being noticed. In addition to the progress with my weight loss, I just had my cholesterol checked again and my cholesterol was 208! From going to NWHS and seeing Jess, my cholesterol has dropped 41 points, and my doctor is FINALLY happy with all my blood test results after many years of frustration! I cannot thank Jess enough for all of her help through this difficult process and, while it’s still a difficult journey, she has made it much easier for me.

    – Erin

  • Before coming to NWHS I experienced fatigue, a need for caffeine, weight gain, trouble falling asleep, trouble staying awake, anxiety, and mood swings. These symptoms have been a part of my daily existence. Traditional medicine made it worse. Every day was a new struggle.

    With the help of Courtney and staff at NWHS I realized how sensitive I truly am. And through a new approach and TLC I feel much better every day. Stronger within my emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual self.

    – Kendra Morrison

  • Before coming to NWHS, it was hard to stay focused and my energy was at an all-time low. I was self-conscious of my weight and lost confidence in all aspects of my life.

    My quality of life is completely different. I have energy that lasts through the entire day. The most important part is I feel confident and it has helped me overcome several challenges I was facing. I have myself back!

    – Hannah Roberts

  • Before coming to NWHS I experienced bloating, constipation, fatigue, afternoon energy crashes, need for caffeine, trouble falling asleep, trouble staying asleep, not feeling rested, aches and pains and headaches/migraines. I’ve felt I’m not maximizing my potential. I was not enjoying life as much as I could.

    My muscle mass has increased, I’ve lost weight (fat has decreased), I don’t feel as thirsty all the time, and I feel well rested.

    – Anonymous

  • Before coming to NWHS I had fatigue, reduced energy, a need for caffeine, experienced depression, and experience anxiety. I had no motivation, no energy to do things like exercise nonetheless get through the day.

    Now I don’t crave caffeine nearly as much, my sleep is better, and I have overall more energy. Started exercising for the first time in years and my anxiety has reduced tremendously.

    – Vinnie Desiderio

  • How did you feel before coming to NWHS?
    I experienced a lot of bloating, fatigue, acne, inflammation and aches and pains. I had trouble concentrating at work, working out was hard and marathon training suffered greatly. Constant weight gain despite eating a clean diet. I felt awful and recovery time took longer.

    How do you feel now?
    My skin is clearer and I have no more headaches or body aches! My workouts and training has greatly improved and I can now sleep! I am doing much better at work and have much more energy than before. My weight is now stable.

    – Kara Perry

  • How did you feel before coming to NWHS?
    Before coming to NWHS, I experienced nausea, fatigue, bloating, weight gain, headaches, anxiety and mood swings. These symptoms made my life miserable… I felt like I was in someone else’s body. My aches and pains made my life difficult to live the lifestyle I had been used to.

    How do you feel now?
    I have been visiting NWHS for about 6 months now and notice dramatic differences in physical and mental well-being. Courtney has done more for me and my Lyme Disease symptoms in the short 6 months than my Lyme specialist has done for me in over a year! She is a miracle worker, if you follow her advice. Thanks Courtney!

    – Crystal O'Connell

  • How did you feel before coming to NWHS?
    “I experienced bloating, fatigue, weight gain, trouble falling and staying asleep, mood swings and aches and pains. These symptoms limited what I could accomplish throughout the day from feeling tired, foggy and run down. Feeling bloated and tired made exercising an even greater challenge.”

    How do you feel now?
    “Since coming to NWHS, I have energy that is sustained through the day. I feel more focused and creative – making my work that much more impactful and setting up for a successful outcome. Now, I am able to sleep more soundly and I have lost 15lbs that has remained off for over a year. My skin is no longer patchy with acne and dry spots but even and healthier in appearance. Relationships and stress are easier to manage as well with no longer having mood swings and having a more clear and thoughtful mindset – overall a great improvement!”

    – Ragna F.

  • How did you feel before coming to NWHS?
    Before NWHS, I experienced fatigue, anxiety, headaches, depression and feeling constantly hungry. I was also feeling completely out of control and out of balance with my hormones and menstrual cycles. I was having a hard time coping with life and having self-esteem issues and depression.

    How do you feel now?
    My life has taken a 180 turn once I started coming and following the program and listening to the advice of nutritionists, Courtney and Ashley. I have been off medication for more than 3 years now. My periods are back to normal. I feel like I have control over my weight and get the support I need – if I fall off track. I feel healthy and am able to bounce back faster!”

    – Dafna F.

  • I am so happy I found Courtney. She is guiding my recovery to optimal health with mastery grace and ease. I have every confidence I will continue to make steady progress towards my health goals with her assistance. Thank you, Courtney!

    – Heidi Evergreen

  • Prior to seeing Ashley, I felt like I was running on empty constantly. I have two small children and it was hard to keep up. I was getting daily afternoon headaches that made being and playing with my kids very hard. I was always one mood swing away from losing it.

    I was very hesitant to conform to Ashley’s ways—I did not want to give up gluten or carbs. Ashley worked very slowly to change my diets and even recognized things I love and worked them in. Now I have lost some of the extra weight, have so much more energy, I feel healthy, strong, and in control of my diet choices. And above all I feel like I am much healthier role model for my children.

    – Elaina Puopolo

  • Before coming to see Ashley at NWHS my everyday life was negatively affected by bloating, stomach troubles, and fatigue. I was unable to live comfortably, and my mood and productivity was often affected by these symptoms.

    I cannot say enough about how much better I feel! My quality of life has changed significantly after seeing Ashley at NWHS. I no longer feel bloated, my stomach issues are being resolved, my energy levels are high, and I am a happier, more comfortable person. I now have the energy to work out, to be social, and my overall morale has improved greatly now that I feel better and healthier.

    – Bethany Allard

  • Before coming to NWHS I was diagnosed with diverticulitis in October of 2016 by my primary care doctor. After many tests and antibiotics and eating a restricted diet of what they recommend low residue foods which is very vague, I still had pain so a GI doctor recommended that I see a surgeon. At that point I was very frustrated with western medicine and was looking for help when I found Nutrition & Whole Health Solutions.

    Thank god, I was able to speak with Courtney and she was happy to fit me in after her last appointment. I am happy to say today I’m feeling better than I have in a very long time. If you take Courtney’s recommendations seriously and follow her advice to reach your personal goal of living a healthy life it is achievable. The biggest challenge is changing bad habits. Eat healthy, be happy 😊 Thank you to Courtney and everyone at Nutrition & Whole Health Solutions!

    – Lauren Nelson

  • I first came to meet Courtney because I felt like my metabolism was slowing down despite my eating “healthy” (low fat, low protein, lots of fruits and vegetables) and exercising regularly. I have always been careful of my weight but in recent years have found it harder and harder to “drop those five pounds.”

    What I have learned from working with Courtney is that I was starving my body of protein and healthy fats. Additionally, I was not eating enough calories to sustain my activity. Courtney worked patiently with me as she educated me on what combinations of food I should be eating. For two months, I healed the inside of my body with healthy protein and fats and a lot of vegetables. Once the inside was healed, I found the pounds literally were falling off to match my healthy eating. I feel better than ever, and I am always feeling satisfied with the food I am eating. Courtney truly loves her work and is eager to share it with her clients. This has been a life-changing experience for me.

    – Jenna Salborin

  • How did you feel before coming to NWHS?
    I experienced stomach aches, heartburn, nausea, bloating, depression, anxiety and inflammation! In high school, I would have to leave after lunch time at least once or twice a week because of severe pain. I would not be able to walk and I missed many events because of this pain. It was awful!

    How do you feel now?
    My life has improved dramatically! I not only know how to eat a healthy meal, I am more aware of what foods do and which ones do not work for me. I am more in control of my mood and know when I am just having a bad day. I feel in control of my body (most of the time) and I couldn’t be more thankful!

    – Elise Clerkin

  • I first went to see Courtney in 2014. My life, diet, and overall energy needed to be worked on.
    In the past 3 years, Courtney has taught me how to maintain a healthy, balanced diet that works best for my body, has made me aware of everything I put in my body and has opened a whole new world of nutrition to my everyday life. I talk about NWHS to almost anyone who will listen. NWHS saves and changes lives. Courtney has saved my weak stomach and I can honestly say that my stomach, body, and overall health is slowly but surely getting stronger each day. Thank you, Courtney, and NWHS for all of the wisdom, guidance, and LOVE that you’ve blessed me with throughout this amazing journey I am on. NAMASTE!

    – Matthew Fodera

  • I would feel exhausted during the day—so I’d need to nap, which made it harder to sleep that night. Vicious cycle! I’d also tend to be short tempered because I was tired, was getting up 3-5 times a night and had night sweats as well. Also, I had very low vitamin D levels which proper supplementation has increased dramatically.

    After just a few weeks, with proper nutrition and supplements, nearly every symptom has disappeared! Courtney is a miracle worker.

    – Laura Bullock

  • I know I’m always in good hands with Courtney and her staff. I brought my daughter in for stomach trouble and they identify the allergens right away and teach me how to keep my family healthy. My little one loves coming here!

    – Theresa Salvatore

  • Before coming to NWHS, I experienced stomach aches, heart burn/reflux, gas, bloating, fatigue, afternoon energy crashes, weight gain, trouble falling asleep, trouble staying asleep, not feeling rested, anxiety, and inflammation. These symptoms unfortunately defined my daily functioning, they were ever present. I just felt terrible each day. We are slowly restoring health one day at a time. If you walk 500 miles into the woods you must walk 500 miles out.

    My quality of life is definitely better. But it is indeed a daily process and commitment. I did not get this sick overnight so I will not get well overnight! I have hope and I keep trying because some areas are so much better already from seeing Courtney.

    – Patricia Killion

  • Before coming to NWHS, I experienced fatigue and anxiety. Anxiety was almost always a constant daily problem that I just accepted as a part of my everyday life.

    My quality of life is much improved. When I do experience anxiety now it is short lived and I wonder how I dealt with it before meeting with Courtney.

    – Cara McLaughlin

  • Thanks to Courtney, I have gained my life back! Now I have energy for my children, not just to take care of them, but to actually smile and be present with them. I’m a happier wife and my husband noticed a difference in me within 2 weeks of NRT! Now my entire family is seeing Courtney & Ashley, my mother, my father, my niece, my husband & children! Still working on a few others… thanks again for changing my life!

    – Sabrina Montgomery

  • I first heard of Courtney through my sister, Laura. I live in Georgia but as I visit Bedford from time to time and because my sister raves of what Courtney has done for her, I made an appointment.

    I’ve been seeing Courtney either in person or via skype for the last 6 months. As I have psoriasis, she has helped me change my nutrition and improve my skin as well as my energy and overall well-being. She’s incredibly talented at what she does and I’m thrilled to have her as my nutritionist. I particularly love how she works with each person individually and at their pace. I’ve had diets given to me by nutritionists in the past and because of their strict nature, easily fell off the program. Courtney is thorough in her assessment and very understanding in the process. It is because of her unique expertise in all areas of health that she’s’ very motivational in keeping you on track. The results are obvious—I highly recommend her to anyone who needs help with their diet and overall health—she’s incredible.

    – Patricia Belkis

  • Before coming to NWHS, I was dealing with a lot of food allergies and other triggers for my chronic illness which caused me lots of chronic pain, flare ups, and making it very difficult for me to walk.

    Ashley has been amazing! She helped me to clean up my diet which reduced my fare ups significantly and I was able to walk again after a few months. Once my diet was clean, we started NRT which basically helped me reach a turning point in my health. Today, I am healthier than I have ever been and managing my illness. If it wasn’t for Ashley, I would not be as far along as I am today.

    – Veronica Bazin

  • I have been a personal trainer and fitness instructor for over 20 years! But I somehow gained TEN pounds in the past year! I KNOW what I need to do for sure! But I needed someone to hold me accountable.

    I have two young boys, I am a single mom, and I own a business. I do not have a lot of free time! I met Ashley in January. She gave me small and manageable goals to meet every couple of weeks. She has been very supportive and understanding over the past couple of months! I feel better, have more energy AND I have lost 8 of the 10 pounds I have gained! If you are tired, want to feel better, lose weight or all of the above I HIGHLY recommend Nutrition & Whole Health Solutions!

    – Kerri Powers

  • Before coming to NWHS I experienced heart burn/reflux, gas, bloating, fatigue, trouble falling asleep, trouble staying asleep, and felt inflamed. I initially came to Courtney for help with a SIBO diet. After taking the antibiotic and adopting the new way of eating I no longer tested positive for SIBO.

    After seeing Courtney, my test results came back negative and I no longer suffered from the previous symptoms above. An additional benefit, my energy increased and lost a few pounds. I also started doing weight training and yoga and am trying to shift my sleep routine to earlier. Together with healthy eating habits I have an improved quality of life.

    – Amanda Adams

  • I didn’t realize how bad I felt before coming to NWHS. Since I have been coming to Courtney I feel so much better, less cravings, less anxiety, and no heart burn. I always felt tired and didn’t want to socialize. I knew I needed to do something in order to regain my life back.

    The quality of my life is so much better. I have no heartburn, I’m much more active and feel like a new person. I’m more confident and feel good about myself again. Thanks Courtney for all your help in regaining my life back.

    – Maria McDonna

  • Before coming to NWHS I experienced heart burn/reflux, fatigue, reduced energy, anxiety, mood swings, had trouble falling asleep, and felt inflamed. Moodiness was constant and I had trouble controlling it. Also, I could not go too far from a facility as dining out would cause me to have severe stomach pains and I would get ill within 20 minutes of eating. I lived on 150mg of Zantac twice a day.

    My temperament is more even. I never need zantac. I am able to enjoy dining out with friends and family. My mood is the biggest change, however. I am in a high stress work environment and am a recent performance review of me was written and said “is a calming force in the most hostile situations and has become a mentor for many.”

    – Justine Sears

  • I love love love NWHS!!! Courtney has saved my life it truly feels like that. I have kept 25lbs off for over two plus years. My immune system renewed and improved like never before. I have immense gratitude for her and her phenomenal staff for how great my life is now. I have learned so much. Most importantly I feel loved, respected and supported always. I now have a comfortable digestive system and body, I feel amazing!

    – Heidi Dimartino