• How would you describe your symptoms PRIOR to the Standard Process 10 Day Blood Sugar Support Program?
    I feel lethargic, bloated and somewhat depressed. My skin is breaking out in cystic acne along my jawline. My body feels heavy, my clothes feel tight and I experience joint pain. I have bowel movements daily but they are usually loosely formed. I just don’t feel like my happy, energetic self that I typically am.

    How would you describe your symptoms now, AFTER the Standard Process 10 Day Blood Sugar Support Program?
    I now have more energy and mental clarity. I experience less joint pain, less bloating and my clothes are fitting me much better! I am so excited that I have lost 11 lbs. after completing the cleanse! I have solid formed bowel movements daily. I feel I have much better control over my sugar cravings and with food in general!

    – Sissy M.

  • How would you describe your symptoms now, AFTER the Standard Process 10 Day Blood Sugar Support Program?
    After completing the 10 day cleanse, I experience less inflammation and breakouts on my face. My knee joint soreness has lessened. I experience very minimal bloating and gas. I have more energy now, even with a lack of sleep a few nights. I was surprised to find, I did not experience any real cravings throughout the 10 days. The best part is, I feel physically lighter than before starting the cleanse!

    – Reggie F.

  • How would you describe your symptoms prior to the Standard Process 10 day Blood Sugar Support Program?
    Before I started the cleanse, I was feeling a bit discouraged. My weight has been slowly creeping up on me. I was experiencing swelling in my ankles. When I read over the blood sugar questionnaire, I realized how much I was addicted to sugar and how it was effecting my overall health.

    How would you describe your symptoms now, AFTER, the standard Process 10 Day Blood Sugar Support Program?
    After completing the cleanse, I have more energy, fewer cravings, am sleeping better and have lost and kept off 6 pounds. I am ecstatic that I no longer have any swelling in my ankles. It is clear to me now that certain foods were doing no service to my body. I feel hopefully that I can control my sugar consumption and finally lose the weight.

    – Christi S.

  • How would you describe your symptoms prior to the Standard Process 10 day Blood Sugar Support Program?
    Before starting the cleanse, my blood sugar levels were borderline diabetic. My diet was poor and I often had cravings for carbohydrates and sugary foods. If chocolate was nutritionally sound I would eat it as a meal. I felt tired all the time and my mood was down. My weight was higher than I would like it to be. I experienced symptoms of constipation and bloating on a regular basis.

    How would you describe your symptoms now, AFTER, the standard Process 10 Day Blood Sugar Support Program?
    I am so excited because my weight is finally down. I have lost and kept off about 6 pounds as well as inches off my body. I do not feel as bloated as I did before starting the cleanse. Overall my energy levels have improved. I can honestly say I have much more self-control and have been making better food choices.

    – Debbie A.

  • How did you feel before doing the 10 day cleanse?
    Before I did the cleanse I had constant stomach issues and pain! I always felt bloated and uncomfortable. My diet and exercise was on target, but could not shake the uncomfortable feeling i n my stomach. My water intake was not on track at all. I found it very hard to drink my water throughout the day.

    How do you feel now?
    I completed my 10 day cleanse and had my visit with Courtney today. I am down 5 pounds total and have kept it off even a month after the cleanse!! I feel amazing. My energy level is great. I realize that I can drink 60-70 ounces of water every day, and most importantly my bloating feeling and stomach issues are gone!! I highly recommend doing the 10 day cleanse.

    – Kathy Leonard

  • Today is day 10 and I am more proud of myself than ever! I made it through the craziest week at work, during that time of the month, WITHOUT CHEATING! I’ve been out at a few bars and restaurants and got deemed “veggie girl” by some of the waiters LOL.

    Seriously, I don’t even CRAVE the bad stuff. I just wish I could have a little feta and chicken in my salad! I’ve been eating roasted veggies like crazy and drinking more water than ever before.

    I love how alert I feel (hello, no coffee in 10 days and I am even SHARPER than before?!) can’t even believe it!

    I know because of this I will feel amazing for our engagement photos on Tuesday. SINCE LAST WEEK I HAVE LOST 7 lbs! I started the cleanse at 161 (hello too many fries and drinks during graduation weekend a few too many jelly beans at easter). Now I am at 154 and determined to keep it that way!”

    – Diandra Lamas

  • Before doing the Standard Process cleanse, I felt very tired and bloated. I had low energy and would crash mid-day. Courtney recommended I try the cleanse because it would help with the bloating and the sluggishness I felt.

    After doing the cleanse, I feel energized!! I have already lost 5 lbs in 5 days! I haven’t felt bloated in days and I do not crave caffeine in the middle of the day. The cleanse was so easy to do!

    – A.K.

  • I was skeptical at first but I am on day 13 and feel like a new person! My mood, energy, digestion has all improved. I do not suffer from the 3pm slump in the afternoon, do not need coffee 2x a day and my cravings for sugar are GONE! On top of it I have lost 7 pounds!”

    – M.K., Lexington, MA

  • Not only have I lost 8 pounds THIS WEEK, but my cravings are GONE and I am sleeping through the night! Thank You!”

    – S.T., Woburn, MA

  • This is by far the best cleanse I have tried… I have lost a total of 18 pounds in 3 weeks! On top of it, it is a week later and I still have kept the weight off and my energy is still soaring! Thank you!”

    – H.L., Burlington, MA

  • I just wanted to let you know – I am only on day 3 of this detox and ALREADY I feel like a new person…I have new found energy I NEVER even knew I had. I am NOT a morning person, and now all of a sudden I find myself happy to get up nice and early and get my food and supplements prepped for the day And as an added bonus – im already down 4.5 pounds!!!!”

    – W.C., Bedford, MA

  • Before starting the Standard Process Cleanse, I was feeling disappointed and defeated with my weight loss results. My energy was low and I was slowly losing my motivation to keep on eating healthy.After only 8 days on the program, I feel like a new person. My skin is so much clearer, I have lost 7 pounds so far and I feel so much less bloated. The best part about this cleanse is I am Not Hungry! My cravings have dramatically improved and I feel motivated to keep eating healthy after the cleanse and keep my results going. I am also sleeping better.”

    – Kristina M.

  • At first, I was really nervous to do the 10 day cleanse. I thought I would miss eating certain foods and thought it would be difficult. Today, I am on day 7 of the cleanse.. and I have LOST 5 LBS!!!! I have been feeling full and satiated. I have had energy and my body feels great! I have been recommending this cleanse to everyone I know …it’s been EASY and the RESULTS have been amazing and its only for 10 days! Can’t believe I’m done 5lbs in 7 days without even exercising. It is so worth it!!”

    – Stefanie

  • I recently did the 10 day SP cleanse. All I can say is AMAZING. I lost 8lbs in 10 days! I have tried other cleanses in the past and have never been able to stick with them. I am a working mother who doesn’t have much time to think or prepare what I need to eat. This was a no brainer to get the supplies and to make. I made two shakes in the morning, One for breakfast and one I kept in a iced lunch bag. It took me all of 5 minutes in the morning. I was satisfied all day and even felt awake the whole day without coffee. I am soo happy with my results that I even asked Courtney if I could continue drinking my shakes!”

    – Leanne I.

  • Before doing the cleanse I felt like I really needed to get back on track. I wasn’t sleeping great, and I felt bloated and overall not my best. I had been snacking more, and not being very careful about what I was eating. After a few weekends away (ski trips, nights out aka lots of unhealthy eating and drinking) I felt like my body needed a serious reset.

    The first few days of the cleanse were difficult, but definitely worth it. I was already began feeling better by the end of the second day. I was sleeping better, and felt energized the whole day without relying on any caffeine. I felt like my body was getting exactly what it needed, and that the food portions and shakes kept me satisfied throughout the day. I also felt like my portion control was being impacted, in a very good way! I would eat and get full and not feel like I needed to go back for second (or third) servings. Being able to always snack on veggies was great. If I were feeling hungry, I would just grab some carrots or peppers, and felt satisfied from that. Dinners were easier than I imagined. I was able to get a creative with the veggies, and always felt full after a meal. The shakes definitely grew on me by the end of the week. I am used to having smoothies in the morning, but these had a different consistency (I wasn’t usually putting any protein powder in my shakes). Adding the frozen fruit and protein powder made the shakes really easy to drink. I am still making the shakes even though the cleanse is over! Overall, I was so happy with the cleanse. I felt great afterwards and during the week. It really felt as if I pressed the reset button on my body and how I was feeling in general.

    – M.F.

  • Wow! This was my first cleanse, and I loved it. I’ve been following the NWHS way of eating for a year and a half but have been struggling with cravings and some lapses, especially with sugar, lately.

    I thought I’d try the short cleanse to get me back on track. It did even more than that! This was an easy cleanse, although it took a couple days for me to figure out the right balance for me. I added protein powder to my shakes to sustain me more so I wasn’t hungry.

    In ten days, I lost ten pounds (some was due to vacation weight though), learned to look forward to eating vegetables again, noticed major changes to my skin, didn’t worry about what to eat, and felt amazing! I have more energy now and am feeling rejuvenated. I have fully recommitted to my way of eating and am doing well post-cleanse (and keeping the weight off).

    I am adding one food every few days to see how I react. I am doing well with lean proteins and am trying not to even bring back the items that I know don’t work for my body. I did have a craving and splurged on a few potato chips once. I felt so sick after eating them that I no longer want anything remotely fried!

    Thank you, NWHS, for helping me on this amazing journey to health. I am enjoying my life and family that much more because I am healthier and happier.

    – Emily

  • I decided to do the 10 day cleanse after summer and am so happy I did. I generally eat well and exercise but wanted to lose a couple extra pounds and just recharge my body for Fall. That is exactly what I got from doing this cleanse! I have done other cleanses in the past and have to say this is the easiest and most effective cleanse that I have ever done. I had lots of energy, slept great, it was easy to do and its now two weeks after the cleanse and I have kept off 7.5 out of the 9 pounds that I have lost.”

    – B.R.

  • I had asked Courtney about the 10-day cleanse after hearing about it from a friend who tried it and loved it. Well I just completed the cleanse and absolutely loved it! Not only did I lose the pounds that I had been struggling to lose in the past couple months, I wasn’t ever bloated (which is an ongoing issue of mine), and I had tons of energy all day long!! It was SO easy to follow the program and I felt totally satisfied after all of my meals!”

    – A.K.