Look no further because Nutrition & Whole Health Solutions, LLC is NOT offering a diet program, but instead a process that is designed to become a healthy lifestyle to realistically fit into your daily routine. If you want to look & FEEL your very best then why wait! Come see how Nutrition & Whole Health Solutions, LLC can change your life & greatly enhance your health & vitality…there is no better time than now!

Courtney Little

Founder and Clinical Nutritionist

As a Clinical Nutritionist, and the owner of Nutrition & Whole Health Solutions, LLC, I am so thrilled that you have taken the time to learn more about us. How we feel about ourselves and our bodies can positively or negatively affect all aspects of our lives including our physical and emotional well-being, and our relationships with others. I am fully confident that if you are looking to improve your overall health and wellness, then NWHS, LLC is your last stop!

Academic Background:

  • BS in Human Nutrition
  • Past nutritionist at Harvard University
  • Certified Personal Trainer, NCSF
  • Certified Food Safety Manager
  • Certified & Advanced Clinically Trained in Nutrition Response Testing
  • Nutrition Educator Certificate, National Institute of Whole Health


Ashley Muse

Associate Nutritionist and Microcurrent Technician

At Nutrition & Whole Health Solutions, Ashley is a Nutritional Therapy Consultant certified through Nutritional Therapy Association. After working in the Nuclear Cardiology Department at Massachusetts General Hospital, Ashley decided to leave the well established hospital and follow her dream of helping people through proper nutrition coaching. She has always had a strong passion about natural remedies and truly believes the first step in healing begins with our food. Her grandfather instilled these believes in her when she was young and helped him work on his farm all day long. She graduated from the University of New Hampshire with a bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology, focused in Exercise Science, and a minor in Psychology. Ashley is very determined and always continues to educate herself and clients so she can help as many people as possible be successful and healthy. She specializes in acid reflux, IBS, autoimmune conditions, and weight loss. In her spare time, Ashley enjoys cooking, indoor cycling, yoga and volunteers as a dog foster. Her favorite treat is homemade peanut butter cups with almonds and sea salt.

Academic Background:

  • Bachelors Degree in Kinesiology, focus in Exercise Science with a minor in Psychology from UNH
  • Patient Advocate at Dr. Dan’s Natural Healing Center
  • Nuclear Cardiac Technician at Massachusetts’ General Hospital
  • Nutritional Therapy Consultant through Nutritional Therapy Association

Ashley Yates

Associate Nutritionist & Microcurrent Technician

At Nutrition & Whole Health Solutions, Ashley Yates is a Nutritional Therapy Consultant, certified through Nutritional Therapy Association. She graduated from Bridgewater State University and earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Health Science. She worked for Emerson Hospital for three years as a nutrition assistant, where she then decided to take a more holistic approach to nutrition. Ashley Yates is a passionate advocate of eating real, whole food and truly believes that health starts on your plate. She enjoys testing out new recipes in the kitchen with family. She loves biking, reading and hiking with her dog.

Academic Background:

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Health Science from Bridgewater State University
  • Nutritional Therapy Consultant from Nutritional Therapy Association
  • Certified in Nutrition Response Testing from ULAN Nutritional Systems

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