NWHS Standard Process Farm Trip!

Have you ever wondered where your salad was planted or where your fish was caught from? Or what about your supplement source and how did the company make it? As a Nutritional Therapy Consultant, these types of questions typically run through my mind on a daily basis. Not only am I curious, but I am also conscious; I want to be sure I am supplying my body with the proper nutrients and everything is sourced ethically. When I was invited to the Standard Process Farm and Factory in Palymra, Wisconsin, I knew the company was going to be resourceful and efficient, but the degree of integrity fell second to none. Here are multiple reasons why Standard Process is a highly reputable company:

  1. The farm is located on 400 plus acres! That’s 400 acres of meticulously thought out nutrient- dense crops!
  2. There are ZERO pesticides, herbicides, or chemicals used on the farm, never ever! The farming team (which is impressively made up of just 6 people) studies the lifestyle of every type of bug, pest or disease and uses that information to decide when, where, and how they are going to grow each crop so it can flourish naturally.
  3. The farm’s manure is GREEN – that’s right, plant based manure from the crops leftovers!
  4. There are weeds on the outskirts of the farm. Why you may ask? Because they really do not use pesticides or chemicals so weeds will grow where they are not planting! Also, they see the weeds as a great way to increase healthy bee populations.
  5. In the supplements, 60-65% of the ingredients are right from the farm! The remaining ingredients are typically animal products. Because Standard Process doesn’t farm animals, they need to source them. Standard Process sources the animal products from local Wisconsin farms that meet their standards of quality. Talk about farm to table.
  6. The company is currently studying how to switch up their main stabilizer in supplements, carrot, to a crop that grows better in the Wisconsin climate. Not only do they respect that certain crops grow best in certain climates and soil, but they are cognizant of the nutrients. Carrots are high in vitamin A so the farm knows the best replacement must also be high in vitamin A – thus they are looking into using golden turnips as their main stabilizer in supplements.
  7. The factory is squeaky clean, proficient and high tech! Every room, every door, every shelf is labeled and organized beyond belief. Because of their highly organizational skills and extraordinary technology, the packing rate efficiency is 99%! Nutrition and Whole Health Solutions can vouch for Standard Process and say we have NEVER received an incorrect order – pretty impressive!
  8. After each product is made, a serious cleaning to prevent cross contamination takes place. To clean a machine and room, top to bottom, it takes 4 hours! Standard Process uses an FDA approved organic cleaning product that is diluted to a proper dose and then washed away fully before a new supplement is made in that room. There are no short cuts in this company!
  9. THE SUPPLEMENTS WORK! The reason the supplements work is because they use real ingredients. To improve your health, you need to fuel your body with the correct fuel AKA food! Most supplements today are not pure, made with chemical compounds or they are missing major components of vitamins and minerals.
  10. The company values the foundation that the founder, Dr. Royal Lee, established in 1929. Many of his formulas are the same. Technology validates his discoveries as well as enhances his formulas, allowing clients to significantly improve their health through whole foods.

Being able to tour the farm and the factory was a career highlight. The experience was equally beautiful and educational. It is completely understandable why the many employees have worked there for years and years and look so youthful – there’s something so powerful in those little brown bottles!