The Importance of Staying on Track

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*More than 80% of people who have lost weight regain all of it, or more, after two years.

At NWHS, we NEVER offer a short-term diet program! We want you to achieve your results in a healthy fashion and more importantly, MAINTAIN them. We offer multiple services that are designed to help you live a healthier lifestyle that will realistically fit into your daily routine and help you reach your goals once and for all…and STAY THERE!

It is important to us that you succeed with your goals. It is human nature to have times where we fall off track and that is ok. We are here to help you stay on track more consistently, so you will achieve and maintain your goals with more ease. Remember, it took months and or years for your symptoms or health conditions to manifest and it takes time for your body to fully heal and rebalance.

Here are some solutions to get you back on track:

1. Setting Realistic Timeline & Goals– Every appointment we set three realistic goals to help you thrive. Always communicate with your nutritionist if you would like to go at a faster or slower pace – if it is not realistic, it is not going to work.

2. Accountability – Scheduling out your appointments weekly or biweekly will ensure a successful outcome. This will also help you get the times you need for your busy schedule. Personal accountability is HUGE!

3. Continued Support– We provide nutrition consults one on one in person, phone or Skype. We also offer couples appointments for spouses or friends. If you cannot make it into the office, do not worry! It is better to still communicate via phone or skype then to skip your appointment all together.

4. Non-Weight Related Health Improvements- always pay attention to your non scale victories: improved energy, sleep, mood, less bloat, blood work, less pain, etc. These are just as important as the number on the scale. Most of the time these improve faster than the number on the scale when you are healing your metabolism the proper way.

5. Patience– It’s a marathon not a sprint! We work at your pace whether it’s fast or slow. Be patient with yourself and the process. The moment you surrender to the process and enjoy every step of the way, the faster you will be there. When we become obsessed with being “at the finish line” most of the time we slow down our time with getting there. “What we resist will always persist.”

If you feel you are having a difficult time staying on track let us know! WE ARE HERE FOR YOU! We are passionate about you getting to and maintaining your goals. So please communicate with us what you need to help stay on track and let’s get you to your goals and maintaining them with ease. Remember it is about lifestyle changes, not quick fixes.

By Nutritionist: Ashley Muse

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