Four Tips for Staying Healthy this Fourth of July


1. Master Your Morning: make sure to get enough protein, healthy fats and water in the morning. Increasing your protein, fat and water intake in the beginning of the day, will help to lower your insulin levels for the rest of the day and keep cravings in check and will power high.

2. Plan Ahead: have a game plan of what you will be eating and drinking and bring with you healthy snacks to keep you satiated and blood sugar stable every 3 to 4hrs. Keeping your blood sugar stable will help you avoid over eating.

3. Bring a Healthy Dessert:

• Berry parfait – layer your favorite berries with dairy free coconut whipped cream or cool whip by so delicious brand
• Gluten free brownies topped with vanilla dairy free ice cream
• Raw cookie dough bites – recipe

4. Movement: Make sure to stay active this weekend. Go swimming, walking or play in the yard. Try to squeeze in at least 20 minutes of exercise in the morning – you can use free apps like the Nike Trainer app if you cannot make it to the gym.

*If you decide to ignore these tips and over indulge – Do not feel guilty and do not dwell on what you ate – go back to your normal routine the very next meal. Dwelling on over indulging does not do any good! Just move forward and stay positive!